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Do you run a group?
Are you looking for speakers?
Meet Wibble, he is just one of the feathery gang that comes out with their falconer to give talks and demos.
We tell you all about the birds and the work that the charity does and give you some good ways in which we can all help out native raptors.
To book,
Drop us a message
email us
at with your inquiry.



Not only are we committed to helping our wild birds of prey, but we also play an active role in the falconry community. Offering such services as beak trimming, furniture ( leather work ) and annual health checks means peace of mind for owners.

We also offer falconry training and have done so for quite a few years, falconry and rehabilitation go hand in hand and help in the understanding of our wild birds of prey, their behavior, and habitat.

If you are interested in booking any of the above services 

contact us on the phone number above 

or drop us an email

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