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Do you run a group?
Are you looking for speakers?
Meet Wibble, he is just one of the feathery gang that comes out with their falconer to give talks and demos.
We tell you all about the birds and the work that the charity does and give you some good ways in which we can all help out native raptors.
To book,
Drop us a message
email us
at with your enquiry.
We are unable to do school talks at the moment but we are looking at training a new member of the team up for those.
We look forward to hearing from you for your 2023 talks.


Last night we had the pleasure of having Phoenix Bird of Prey Reacue talk to us and Harleston Tangent about the amazing work they do for birds of prey in this country.

Seeing some of these birds of prey in person and hearing their stories was such an experience.

Thank you Jo for this amazing meeting last night and we hope to hear more about your charity again soon!!


Hi Jo. Hope you get this ok. A very belated big sincere thank you to you and Emma for coming to Marlingford Village Hall the other week. Everyone really enjoyed seeing the beautiful birds and your interesting talks about them. We would love to have you back sometime but in the meantime, I hope your move goes well. Best wishes. Sue

I came to the talk tonight at Elsing. I wanted to say how much I enjoyed it.

Hi , this is Jason from Tuesday's talk you did for us. Wanted to say everyone enjoyed it very much and thank you for fitting us in at short notice.

The talk/evening at Elsing the other week was brilliant and wonderfully educational———I've been hurling roadkill off the roads and into the fields ever since
Thomas - 29-04-2024

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